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How long have you been a photographer?

I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. Even in my early childhood I could

be found carrying around a camera, snapping away. I remember one of my first ones being a pocket Kodak Ektra. But, more seriously in the last 10 years or so, I'd say. My dad started his early working

life as a projectionist at the local cinema, as indeed his dad before him, so rolls of film have clearly always been at my family roots!


Have you had any work published?

Yes, I've been fortunate to have my work published nationally in photographic magazines, journals and newspapers including; Black & White Photography, N-Photo, The RPS Journal, Digital Photography Enthusiast and Cambridge Independent.


So, why monochrome?

I love the way that black & white simplifies an image and gives it a timeless, artistic feel. Removing

the distraction of colour makes us focus on the subject more and compositions can be simplified.

My ARPS panel 'Coastscapes' was entirely monochrome, and it was this point that inspired me to

focus on black & white photography and develop my own fine art style.




What equipment do you use?

I am Nikon through and through! I use a Nikon D800 full frame body, with 20mm, 35mm, 50mm,

85mm Nikkor prime lenses. I favour primes for my land and seascape work because of their speed, sharpness and optical excellence, they are superb. For my equine work, my favourite lense is the

70-200mm (with 1.3x convertor), allowing me to capture all the action but not needing to get too close.

In terms of filters for my long exposure work, I use a full set of Lee grads and NDs, as well as the

Lee Big Stopper and Little Stopper. In addition to the digital gear, I use a Nikomat EL-35 film camera,

to take things back to their traditional basics.




How about printing?

I make all my digital prints in the studio, using my A2 Epson 3880 printer. The printer is excellent

and I only ever use Epson branded inks to ensure the best quality output for my work.


What paper do you use?

I've worked my way through many brands and coatings, but I now always use Permajet papers.

For my punchy, dramatic monochrome work I love Fibre Base Royal. It has a slight sheen but isn't

over glossy, the finish lifts and enhances the black and white inks perfectly with a touch of textured elegance. For my softer natured work I use Museum Heritage, which is uncoated and almost like a watercolour paper. It softens the image to an almost, painterly quality, and is beautiful for gentle forest scenes or some of my equine work. I'm also experimenting with more Permajet papers and finishes

too, so watch this space for further recommendations.


What about the longevity of the paper?

Permajet papers are exceptional quality and acid-free. Your print should last around 85 years.


How can I order a print?

We are currently building a very swish on-line shop, where you will be able to order mounted, signed, limited edition prints in various sizes. This will launch early summer, but in the meantime please click here to contact me and I can explain the options to you and the images that are available.


Can I order framed work?

Of course! I work closely with the fantastic Newmarket Framing – just round the corner. The frames are handmade to my speficiations, with non-reflective glass, and the moulding is high quality wood – my standard moulding being from Italy. I always ensure that the frame and mount choice perfectly suits and compliments the image and works with the hanging space.


How do I book a workshop or a 1-2-1 with you?

Simply click here and tell me what kind of tuition you need. Is it improving your compositions,

and knowing what to look for in the frame? Getting used to your camera and filters? Spending time

out and about shooting some images with help and advice tailored to you? Please do get in touch.


Can I visit your studio?

I'm out and about a lot on various shoots and adventures with my camera, so contact me and make

an appointment if you'd like to visit. Best place is to catch me at one of my lectures if you can.


Where can I see your work?

Check the latest news, to see a list of my forthcoming lectures as well as upcoming events and

gallery exhibitions. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All images © Jayne Odell Photography